Boost Your Credibility With Positive Recommendations on LinkedIn

19August 2023

LinkedIn is an online social network that allows users to connect with each other based on real-world professional relationships. It also enables them to interact with each other via posts, articles and messaging.

LinkedIn has more than 800 million members worldwide. Its members can search for jobs, sign up as freelancers, and publish articles. They can also join groups and participate in thought leadership discussions.

Create a professional profile

A LinkedIn profile is the high-tech equivalent of networking in person. It can help you connect with people from different industries, and can make it easier for businesses to find you.

Your headline should describe your professional experience and skills in a clear, concise way. Recruiters and hiring managers use this information to determine whether or not you are worth a closer look.

The education section should include all major colleges and universities attended, along with your degree type and field of study. You can also add other important details, such as GPA and certificates. You should also add relevant skills to your profile, and ask connections to endorse these skills.

Create a company page

A LinkedIn Company Page is a great way to promote your business online. It can be used to showcase your company’s products, services, and job opportunities to millions of LinkedIn members. It also lets you delegate page management to your employees.

To create a LinkedIn Company Page, click the Work icon on the top right of the home page. Select the Company tab, then enter your information and add a logo. Make sure to include your company’s name and “doing business as” (DBA) name, if applicable. You’ll also want to add your website address. This is important because the URL will appear in your company profile and on staff profiles.

Join groups

Whether you’re a business owner or a job seeker, LinkedIn groups can help you find and join groups that match your interests. These communities provide an intensive space for members to discuss topics and build robust connections.

The best way to find a group is by using the search bar. Type a keyword into the search box and select the option that says “in groups.” This will display a list of groups related to your search. Select one to learn more about it or scroll down to the next page of results.

Once you’ve found a group that matches your interests, click the “Join Group” button. You may be asked to complete a brief questionnaire or meet other criteria before being approved for membership.

Share posts on your wall

LinkedIn is a business networking site that offers its users the opportunity to post content to their wall. This can include links to their blog, interviews with industry leaders or articles they find interesting.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn posts are more likely to gain engagement when they are shared on the platform. In addition to sharing, LinkedIn allows users to tag people in posts, which may encourage engagement from those being tagged.

However, resharing and reposting posts is not recommended by LinkedIn, as it takes the post away from where it’s currently being shared and doesn’t help boost its visibility in the algorithm. Instead, LinkedIn recommends like-ing and adding a valuable comment on a post.

Write positive recommendations

Writing positive recommendations on LinkedIn is a great way to boost your professional presence and connect with people in your network. It is also a way to increase your credibility by showing other people that you are a trusted source of information.

A strong recommendation will highlight the person’s unique qualities, and it should include a personal touch. This will help to ensure that the recommendation is genuine and not a templated message that appears on every profile.

Avoid using generic phrases like “the best programmer” or “an outstanding team member”. Instead, use specific examples to show what makes the person stand out from other professionals.

Get recommendations

Recommendations are a great way to boost your credibility on LinkedIn and showcase your skills, products, or services. They also help potential employers or clients know more about you. When someone recommends you, it shows that they trust and respect your work.

If you are looking to get recommendations on LinkedIn, start by asking your connections who have a high influence over you for a recommendation. Use a template or customize your message to ensure that it is specific and tailored to the person you are requesting a recommendation from.

You should also mention your relationship with them and the position they held at the time. This will jog their memory and make it easier for them to write your recommendation.

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