How Much Can I Earn From LinkedIn?

2September 2021

LinkedIn is an American company and employment-oriented social networking site that work through mobile apps and websites. Launched in May 2021, the site is primarily used for professional networking, wherein employers and job candidates to post jobs and CVs. The site has gained a lot of popularity especially with the young professionals in the US and UK. It is primarily aimed at the corporate sector and has over four hundred million users. Its easy accessibility via mobile apps makes it even more popular among the masses. This article will discuss how you can get the most out of LinkedIn and increase your career opportunities.

LinkedIn is similar to the popular networking site Facebook in terms of the way it functions. Basically, LinkedIn connects people who are related by friendship, work experience, educational background, business interests and other vital information. You can browse through millions of profiles and search for those that interest you such as jobs, CVs, networking tips and other important information. You can also make new connections, create business links, and send job searching tips to other LinkedIn members or request a job opportunity.

Your profile page, or profile, is where you tell LinkedIn what you are looking for. When you join LinkedIn, your profile will contain your contact information, educational background, skills and expertise, employment history and the types of projects or tasks you are willing to work on. It will also show the keywords you have used in your profile. These keywords can help you in your job searching process. There is a search bar located at the top of the home page called ‘search’ which you can use to find other profiles.

Once you log into LinkedIn, the main page of the site will appear. Under the section called ‘Your Profile’, you will see your profile summary. This summary contains the summary of your qualifications, employment history, skills and work experience. Your profile summary is what visitors to LinkedIn see before they can dig into your complete profile. The description of your professional history written in blue is the first thing that someone may see when they look at the LinkedIn profile summary. A line that follows the summary describes the type of work experience you have and how you obtained it.

You may also find it useful to customize your profile summary by selecting the appropriate fonts, changing the color scheme and adding other details that you think are relevant. For example, you can change the fonts used, specify a style for the text and add a section where you can declare keywords related to your professional area. If you use LinkedIn for professional development purposes, you can add a section that lists your past professional achievements. If you are an accountant, you can describe the professional activities you have undertaken in the past.

Using LinkedIn for your career objectives helps you to develop a professional image and showcase your skills more effectively. When you create a profile using the personal profile option, you can describe in detail your current career objective. You can indicate whether you are looking for a full time job or if you want to progress your career into an administrative role. You can also indicate your future goals such as seeking a position with a larger corporation or seeking different positions within your current company. This will make it easier for potential linkedin contacts and recruiters to understand where you would like to go in your future career.

The basic membership allows you to access the premium version of LinkedIn, which has significantly greater functionality. The premium version gives users access to more professional network tools, such as the Insights for LinkedIn Job Search tool, LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn Network Attitude Analyzer and the LinkedIn Enterprise Intelligence tool. The basic account also allows you to upload and share up to five profiles and write an unlimited number of blogs on LinkedIn. The most basic account also allows you to search other profiles on LinkedIn within your specific industry. It does not, however, include any of the other features available to LinkedIn members such as the ability to search for jobs, connect to co-workers and reach out to other professionals via groups, blogs and articles.

If you intend to use the LinkedIn service for business purposes and want to get the maximum benefits, you will need to upgrade to the premium version. This provides you with the most functionality, features and tools. With a premium LinkedIn membership, you will be able to find and search up to one hundred and twenty-seven million members within your industry who have been connected to LinkedIn through their companies’ LinkedIn pages. This makes it easy for you to find and connect with people who are in the same position or who are in a similar field of expertise as you are.

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