How to Use Lead Generation to Fill Your Sales Funnel

28May 2023

Lead generation is the process of filling your sales funnel with people who are interested in your business. It can be done through a variety of marketing channels, such as content marketing, social media, and newsletters.

Leads are people who show interest in your business by providing their contact information, often through a form on your website. They are also referred to as warm or inbound leads.


Pop-ups are a powerful tool for generating leads. When used strategically, they can provide valuable information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and company data. They can also be a powerful way to build trust in your brand and encourage visitors to take action.

These pop-ups are designed to capture visitor information and are often accompanied by an incentive like a discount coupon, free guide, or access to your premium newsletter. They can be triggered when visitors are about to leave the site or after a set amount of time on the page.

The key to a high-converting pop-up is timing. Show it at the right moment and make sure to include a clean design. This will ensure that your pop-up doesn’t detract from the user experience. Choosing the right trigger options and smart targeting settings can also make a big difference. For example, the Smart Passive Income blog uses an exit-intent popup to generate leads for their business and has an opt-in form that matches the style of their website.


One of the best ways to generate leads is to use SEO (search engine optimization). With this method, you can appear at the top of Google search results without paying for ads. However, you must understand how to use SEO properly to get the best results.

The key is to understand the intent of the searcher. This will help you create content that meets their needs and provides solutions. In addition, you must focus on building authority and getting links from relevant websites.

It takes time to get SEO leads, but if you do it right, you can get high-quality traffic and a steady stream of leads for free. Just make sure that you have a lead generation strategy that is consistent with your SEO efforts. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and giving away free sales to your competitors! Using a lead generation system that works with your SEO is the best way to maximize your ROI.

Social media

Social media has become integral to our daily lives and has the potential to be one of your most valuable sources of lead generation. With 3.6 billion users worldwide, it’s the perfect place to connect with new and existing customers. It’s just a matter of employing the right tactics at the right time.

In addition to traditional social media channels, you can use paid social media advertising to boost your lead generation efforts. These ads allow you to target specific audiences and provide offers that are tailored to their interests. They can also complement your organic social media campaigns.

For example, Skillshare uses social media ads to promote courses to targeted audiences. The ads include a pre-populated form that allows people to sign up for a free trial. This makes the process fast and easy, and it increases the likelihood of conversion. You can also retarget leads who have visited your website but did not complete the registration process.


Newsletters are a great way to subtly remind leads of your brand and any incomplete purchasing journeys. They also provide value to your subscribers, which can spark a reciprocity effect that encourages them to recommend your products and services to friends.

When creating your newsletter, keep in mind that you should only send them sporadically and with well-targeted content. This will make the content less irritating to your audience and generate more quality leads. It is also important to choose a template that is mobile-friendly and easy to skim and click.

You should also choose a clear name for your newsletter and explain what it is about. For example, if you are targeting B2B content marketing practitioners, your title could be “The Best Content Marketing Practices for B2B”. This will allow your subscriber to remember what your newsletter is about and why they signed up for it. It will also help you attract more subscribers and increase your social media engagement.

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