How to Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Professional Career

29February 2024

LinkedIn is a business-focused social network. It connects people with others in the professional world and has over 800 million members. It was founded in May 2003 and is now owned by Microsoft.

Its home feed works similarly to Facebook’s news feed, and users can post updates that their connections can view and share. In addition to this, LinkedIn offers a variety of other features.

Professional networking

Networking on LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to boost your professional career. But, it is important to do it correctly. Otherwise, you can be discredited as a creep or a weirdo, and people may avoid connecting with you.

A good way to start is by creating a well-written profile that highlights your skills and experiences. You should also follow relevant companies and publications. This will help you stay updated on industry news and trends.

Another way to build your professional network is by collaborating with other members. For example, you can use LinkedIn’s Groups feature to share ideas and discuss topics with other professionals in your field. You can also publish articles and presentations on the platform to showcase your expertise.

LinkedIn also provides a “People You May Know” section that shows the profiles of people in your network who have been suggested to connect with you. When sending a connection request, make sure to add a personal note so that your connection is more likely to be accepted.

Job search

When looking for a job, LinkedIn can help you stand out among the competition. Keep your profile up-to-date and include all of your experience and skills. Also, contribute to collaborative articles that showcase your perspective. Recruiters and employers are likely to notice this, and they might contact you about new opportunities.

Another way to find a job on LinkedIn is by following companies you’re interested in. When you follow a company, you get updates on their hiring and other events. You can even apply directly from the site.

You can use LinkedIn to search thousands of job listings and filter them by location, industry, and more. LinkedIn also lets you share your job search status with connections to inform them of your current status. The platform also offers an option to set up alerts for jobs that meet your criteria. This allows you to receive job notifications on your home page. If you’re a premium member, you can access additional features to optimize your job search.


Recommendations on LinkedIn serve as testimonials from trusted connections about your skills, experience, and professional reputation. They help boost your profile visibility and credibility, and can make the difference between whether a prospective employer views your profile or not.

When writing a recommendation, focus on the person’s specific skills and how they contributed to your work together. Also, be sure to highlight their unique personality traits – for example, if they’re good at multitasking or have excellent leadership skills, say so in the recommendation.

Avoid lying in your recommendations – this can easily backfire and may damage your professional reputation. A genuine endorsement from someone you’ve worked with is much more effective than a fabricated one. Additionally, it’s important to use the proper format when submitting your recommendations to LinkedIn. The platform has a limited character count, so be sure to stick within the limit. This will make your recommendation easier to read. For best results, try to keep your recommendation between two and three paragraphs.

Career development

If you’re a business owner, LinkedIn is an essential tool for professional development. It helps you stay connected with former colleagues, find new hires and improve your brand awareness. It also provides a platform to share company news and events. It’s a high-tech equivalent of a traditional networking event, but it’s free and allows you to track results.

The best way to grow your network is to add at least 25 contacts, and closer to 100 is better. You can also join LinkedIn groups to interact with others in your field. Group discussions will help you understand the language and current trends in your industry.

LinkedIn’s Connected app makes it easy to keep in touch with your connections by providing updates about work anniversaries, birthdays and promotions. It is important to respond to these updates in a personalized manner instead of just clicking “like” or sending a generic congrats. You can also participate in LinkedIn live and virtual events to gain valuable learning opportunities and advance your career.

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