What is LinkedIn?

28April 2023

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is primarily geared towards professional networking. It enables members to invite anyone they know to join their network.

It also enables them to obtain introductions to first-degree connections (people they already know) and second-degree connections (people who have already added people they know). These can be used for various purposes including obtaining employment opportunities and building relationships with people in one’s industry or field of interest.

Network Updates

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that lets you present your resume, work history, education and skills to potential employers. It also provides a variety of other features, including connections and groups.

When you make a profile update, it can appear in your activity feed and be shared with your network. This includes changes to your job title, education and profile photo.

If you don’t want your network to know about these updates, there is a simple way to turn off the sharing of profile changes on LinkedIn.

You’ll need to go into your LinkedIn account and navigate to the Share profile updates with your network section. Next, click the toggle switch to turn off your notifications for that particular update.

The other cool thing about network updates is that you can tag influencers in your post. This will boost your post and amplify its visibility to a whole new group of followers. This can be a great way to increase your network and promote your personal brand.

Company Pages

A LinkedIn Company Page is an online hub that houses your company’s LinkedIn information and updates. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can help you find top talent and recruit new customers.

A great way to promote your page is through sponsored ads. However, there are a few things you need to know before you create your first ad.

The key is to tell a story that engages your target audience. For example, if you’re launching a new product, share photos and videos of it in action.

Once you’ve created your Page, invite your connections to follow it. You can do this with the Invite Connections to Follow button under your cover photo on the right-hand side of the page.

You can also choose to add hashtags that will automatically appear on your Page. This will allow you to participate in trending content, but make sure to do your research and pick strategic hashtags that are relevant to your company’s audience.


LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with people in your field. They’re also a good place to share industry news and updates.

The best way to find a group that’s right for you is to search the site using keywords that are relevant to your industry or topic. This will help you identify which ones are most active and helpful to you.

Once you’ve found the group you want to join, request to join it. This will send a message to the group administrator, who will evaluate whether or not you’re the right fit for the group.

The next step is to start posting content within the group. This will help you build your credibility and establish yourself as an expert in your field. It also lets your members know that you’re engaged and interested in what they’re talking about.

Job Search

LinkedIn isn’t only a professional networking site, but it also offers powerful job search features. It’s the best place to find a new job, as it allows you to connect with employers directly and avoid gatekeepers.

When you’re searching for a job on LinkedIn, use the built-in filters and search operators to narrow your results. For example, you can filter by location, recent postings, experience level and other criteria to find jobs that are more likely to be relevant to your skills and experience.

Once you’ve identified your target company, look for recruiters and hiring managers who are actively hiring. They’re likely to be receptive to your outreach, says Bob Bentz, President of Purplegator.

If you’re searching for a specific job title, be sure to include it in your profile. The more specific your job title is, the more likely you are to be found by employers in search results, says Amy Yurovsky, founder of the employment agency Careers.

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